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Quick drive by…

2 days, 3 series, one Meesh. Zoinks!

I’ve taken a couple hundred pictures, taped a couple of interviews & quotes, written notes and walked a thousand miles. I’ve run into my bestest race friends at the track about 2-3 times a day, for a brief moment each time. We are all working this weekend and all on very different schedules. The 12 hr track days (7:30-7:30 yesterday) knock the stuffing out of you. By the time we grabbed some dinner on the way back to the hotel and I plonked myself on the edge of my bed deciding what my game plan would be, exhaustion set in and I began the head nodding. I will try to update a little later as well, but for now, all I can promise is a post race bloggy blog.

I can tell you that I love this event and this track. I love having Paul in the car. It feels like race weekend again. The air is electric.

Ok… gotta run back to the pits. Tag’s is about to podium (god willing) and I want to catch the celebration!

Enjoy the race my friends! It’s gonna be a good one!!!

Alberta Bound…

So here I am on the plane (ok.. by the time you read this I will no longer be on the plane,  work with me here… ) heading towards the known and the unknown. I really don’t know what I expect to find. I wish I had experienced this race as a Champ Car event so I would have something to base my observations on. Next year in Toronto (and hopefully Long Beach and Cleveland) I will have a direct comparison, but this weekend I’ll be basing it on what I saw on tv and hearsay from fellow former Champ Car peeps. Oooh… we’re over Sault Ste Marie (waves at Brad and calls him a lame fucker for not coming with me this weekend… or ANY weekend so far this season. You suck. )

Here is what I know…

-The track is AWESOME. I love airport tracks. I love that you have the benefit of being able to see the entire track (like an oval) but it’s twisty and turny like a road course, and has race ending corridors like a street race. As a fan or a driver, it is a favorite. I think this will be one of the easier circuits to convert the ovalista fanbase over to.

-As much as people would like to think otherwise, Canadians love their racing and will show up in droves for this weekend, especially with it being the only Canadian stop on the circuit. All the people saying they aren’t coming, likely weren’t coming anyway, and never came last year either. Kind of a weak way to take a stand. That would be like me boycotting Scotch in protest. Would probably hold more water if I actually drank the stuff right?

-Paul Tracy will put bums in the seats (especially in the press room)  and eyeballs on the tv. Love him or hate him, he is the story this weekend. He should have been the story all year. It would have certainly built up some hype leading up to the race.

-I will be in Paul Tracy’s pit all weekend. It will feel like a race weekend again. For the next 3 days I am no longer a race orphan! I have a “home” again. It’s been redecorated, and the new inlaws are a little… um… er… well, not who I would have chosen, but hell, I thanked and shook the hand of Michael Andretti in Watkins Glen for saving my race, I guess I can be equally thankful to Tony George for giving me my racing family back and one weekend of racing joy this season.

Ok.. I got sidetracked watching tv. TV! Live fricken tv on the back of the seats in front you! How cool is that.

Saskatoon!!! (loving this little map gizmo on the back of the seat) *waves at Padre!!*

Anyway… where was I ?

Ah yes… this weekend will definitely be different/better for me. The obvious reason is my guy. (who looks a little like the stay puff marshmallow man in that awful driver suit) But the other reason is that I have already acclimated to the whole “IndyCar” thing now. It won’t be as much of a culture shock for me this time.

EDIT: Ok, so I arrived! Met up with my site mates/roomies, had a little catch up, a little dinner, a lot of laughing and a beer. (trust me, after the day I had leading up to my flight, I REALLY needed to just chillax like that.

I found out that Patty and CJ, and Viv are here! (PT’s wife, son and mom) Sweet! My race weekend is officially awesome now and I haven’t even been to the track yet!

speaking of getting to the track, it is some god awful time here which means its an even more god awful time for me. And considering I’m already running on 4hrs sleep from yesterday, that 6am alarm is gonna be ugly. (much like my credential picture to be taken at 7am tomorrow… yikes!)

I’ll be at Tagliani’s pits for first practice (Cascar 7:30am) … then hitting the Vision/Walker trailers in the paddock then… well then a whole lot of other wandering and roaming and meeting up with folks.

I’ll see what dishy stuff I can upload throughout the day.

Ok… eyelids drooping… more tomorrow.

oh ya… what’s that? PT, P7, first day in the car. Just sayin is all…

A rebirth in Canada…

So I was having a little side chat with Jeff from my name is irl the other day and got a bit bloggy in my reply to him regarding the kerfuffle between The Princess and Milka and how it will bring eyes and attention to the Edmonton race that had no attention from the American IndyCar crowd last year. (well, duh, of course it didn’t, it was a Champ Car event, why would any of you have watched? OH the fantastic racing, awesome cars, talented drivers and great Canadian crowd??… oops… side tracked there… hehe)

Anyway, this was my reply and I felt it warranted a little bloggy discussion:

I get what you’re saying, and maybe that will be enough to get you murican’s to tune in for the WWF’ness of it all, but truthfully it’s a non-story here in Canada. Actually, the whole damn race/season/series is a non story here in Canada this year unfortunately. PT is getting a little press right now which is good. But motorsports is fading fast up here sadly. Hopefully with Edmonton and Toronto, and potentially PT fulltime next year we can start to rebuild our fractured racing culture. Hell, the only races I’ve seen some of my local “legit” motorsports journalist compadres at have been Nascar events. (legit as in paper and paid!)

Their editors aren’t interested in open wheel stories. Hell, even the Nascar stuff is cut to shreds. It’s pretty sad. These are the guys that have been the eyes and ears of motorsports for decades in the major newspapers, and they are being relegated to one tiny column a week if that and all Nascar all the time.

wow.. I just got all bloggy there! LOL! (might have to turn this one into a blog actually… )

Of course if my “beloved Chrome Horn” says or does something ridiculous this weekend (which is always a possibility), it’ll play… But I think he will be in full focus mode as he wants to produce a half decent result that he can use as collateral. The Princess may try to pull a pitlane encounter with him for her own ratings, but she’ll have to get by me first (I’ll be in his pits working the whole time) And I’m just as focused on his future, and will not give a second thought to snapping her like a twig. (Don’t mess with the big gal on her home turf… just sayin is all)

So, twig snapping aside, the point is that it’s going to take a lot more than a Danitantrum every week to rescue open wheel racing in Canada. This weekend’s event is very important as it is almost like starting from scratch, and will be the foundation for IndyCar to build upon in Canada.

more later…

I know y’all are just waiting…

for my take on this

I had to let it mull for a bit. I actually thought… “fuck it” and really couldn’t be bothered, but then insomnia crept in, and it’s far too late to be walking around my apt accomplishing anything. (neighbours wouldn’t appreciate that) so… here goes…

Let me just say that if his spiked hair and goatee and George Hamilton tan didn’t already scream “mid-life crisis”, then his goo-goo eyed, bordering on inappropriate lust for The Princess seals the deal. His venomous launch against Milka also screams.. “scorned and rejected”, but maybe that’s just my take.

There are so many things wrong with that piece (well the entire premise for one) that it’s really hard to point out any one thing.

First and foremost, can anyone else say racist? inappropriate use of racial stereotypes in a negative way? “yip yip yip”, “charo”, “Chihuahua”. Come on Jack… did you really need to stoop to that level, on the Series main website??? If you were doing a little blog elsewhere, you would probably get a pass… but as an official spokesperson for the series?? nope, sorry.

As much as I can’t stand Danica, I would never get away with that type of profiling remark on

Uncalled for. Unprofessional. And considering who it was on behalf of, ironic.

*disclaimer: when i referred to Milka as the Charo of IndyCar a few posts back, it was in reference to her charming, welcoming demeanor with fans. Always smiling, always friendly. I grew up with Charo. I love Charo. Give me a Charo-centric Love Boat episode an I’m in heaven! but I digress… *

“but the bottom line is that Patrick was in the right in this one. Milka overreacted.”

ya riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Tell ya what Jack, when I see you in Edmonton this week, I’m going to storm down pitlane towards you with a cameraman in tow (how convenient that there just happened to be someone filming that huh?), then I’m going to make a big gesture of slamming my water bottle down and lean right in your face and the first thing out of my mouth is going to be (quoted verbatim from Danica):

You have no fucking idea what you are doing out there!!

Now you tell me Jack, will you overract in return? I know I fucking would. She just came to talk my ASS.

“Patrick is refreshingly old school. He father, T.J., taught her to settle her differences with fellow drivers person to person. Don’t go running to the officials.

And I quote Ms. Patrick from said video again: (said in a neener neener manner as she stomped away)

you know what then, Brian Barnhart is going to talk to you, he’ll take care of it”

Yes, well if you’re going to tattle on her anyway (even though you’re old school and have been taught otherwise) why not just let him do his job in the first place and concentrate on becoming a better driver yourself Ms. Blocky McBlockerson.

“Is there a negative bias by some media folks when it comes to D.P.? I’m beginning to believe so.”

I can’t believe he typed that with a straight face. Are you fucking kidding me? The Princess has been and still for the most part gets a free pass from everyone and Arute is the biggest fucking offender there.

I guarandamntee that if it were one of the backmarker male drivers going after the other male drivers week after week, and making stupid mistakes (which could lead to serious injury in some cases) week after week. The words “old school’ and “plucky” and “media bias” wouldn’t come into play.

As John Stossel would say: “Gimme a fucking break”

(ok, when he says it, the word fucking is implied, but you know there are outtakes somewhere… )

Jack, you’re a Fanica. We get it. Just admit it. But don’t try to cram it down our throats in the name of some sort of journalism, or question everyone else’s journalistic integrity in the process. Puleeese.

Listen I’m the first to come to the defense of “my beloved chrome horn” (*winks at Jeff) if I feel he is being unjustly attacked, but when he sticks his head up his ass and does something ridiculous (*cough* San Jose *cough* ) I call him on it just like everyone else.

I could continue…. but…

I’m going to give the final word to Michael Knight, a man who I hope someday to meet in person as his columns are like my home study course in the world of motorsports journalism and PR. (if you don’t already have him bookmarked, please add him now)

From todays entry:

* Baseball will have some on-field scuffles during the season. But you would never see a player from one team enter the opponent’s dugout. Managers/coaches/players from both teams, as well as the umpires, would stop him.

That’s the equivalent of what Danica Patrick is doing, invading a different team’s pit area, no matter what side of the wall she occupies. This, among other things, represents a failure by team management (we’ve long ago passed the point of expecting the PR people to do the correct thing) and IRL officials. From the standpoint of PROFESSIONALISM, the question must be asked (again) in the aftermath of her “talk” with Milka Duno Saturday at Mid-Ohio: WHY was Danica ever allowed into another team’s pit stall? (Monday night, Bill O’Reilly included Patrick in his “Pinhead” segment.)

SpinDoctor500blog Go. Read. Bookmark. Go back every Tuesday morning. Read. Learn. Become better.

an apology…

For those who attempt to read this blog on a crackberry…(She says while attempting her first mobile blog entry in preparation for *live* pitbox/trackside mini updates this weekend)

I read one of my blog posts on my crackberry and dayum!… I’m a wordy bitch when I wanna be!! Lol!