Hypocrisy at it’s finest…

So the brain trust are starting their attacks on Paul because he is working out a deal to run the Busch race in Montreal, using Normand Legault’s ousting of CC from the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve as the reason. Even his so called super fan’s are turning on him.

First of all, give your fucking heads a shake. One of Champ Car’s leaders is cuddled up all cozy in bed with Legault to promote a CC race in Tremblant. If it’s ok for CC to forgive and forget what this man has done, why shouldn’t Paul make a couple of bucks and enjoy himself for one weekend? You know damn well that CC will be mentioned in every article about it due to the circus surrounding last years race. Besides, Paul’s championship hopes are all but toast for this year anyway because of… well, I’ll stop there… at any rate, he can pull his focus for one race.

I’m sure the next argument will be “but but… they are the enemy, they are trying to destroy Champ Car!” Ya, well, seems that loyalty to our series by not feeding the enemy isn’t an issue these days. I mean the CC grand poobah KK himself offered up our top drivers to prop up the sham that is Indy this year. Sure, FTG was too fucking stupid to see that he was being played, but what if he had called KK’s bluff and said… “sure! here’s the cars and engines, have your boys show up on this date” What would the brain trust be saying then? Oh they’d be blindly chugging the CC koolaid (a different flavour from the TF twirl koolaid) and spinning it into a positive, trying to convince everyone that this is all part of the infamous plan.

To quote John Stossel… “gimme a fucking break” (ok… when he says it the “fucking” is implied…)


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