No Nascar for PT

Paul did a really good little interview on Windbag last night, where he confirmed that he actually wouldn’t be racing in Montreal for the Busch race in August. Timing and sponsorship issues botched the deal up. Too bad as it seemed like it would have been a lot of fun for him. (racing with Ron Fellows in a good car). On the bright side, it means his Monster sponsorship is substantial enough to be causing conflicts. That’s a good thing.

I’ll admit it… I was considering going. (ya, sue me fuckers!) I usually take a little weekend sojourn to Montreal every summer anyway, and thought… heck, why not!? The potential of Andrew Ranger, PT and probably Patreek (maybe even Tags) racing would have been fun to see. And heck, a couple of frosty beverages at Ziggy’s would be a hoot too! Now I’m going back to my plan b of a couple of days either in Vermont or Halifax. Or a cottage up north. LOL… heck, maybe I’ll drive up to the Soo and force Gears to take me to his cottage for the weekend. 😉


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