PT’s the man!

“Hey Miller, I watched that Milwaukee deal and I just wanted to tell you that Danica Patrick’s got more balls than 90 percent of the guys I’ve raced with. She didn’t leave her helmet on when she got in (Dan) Wheldon’s face, she acted like a man and that’s more than I can say for a couple guys I know.” – Paul Tracy to Robin Miller for SpeedTV.

That’s my boy! Telling it like it is. LOL! Get the veiled smack talk in motion to fire up the media machine as Champ Car finally gets their shit together and starts their season for real this time. But I digress…

Oh, and let’s be real here. Princess permapout went after Dan Wheldon, who is more of a princess than she is. (and has a bigger shoe/sunglass collection) I’d like to see her man handle a real man the same way she did him. (of course she’d have to drive in another series to find one… but that’s another debate…)

She also has the fact that she’s a girl on her side. No guy, no matter how fucking tempting, would retaliate physically as the public outcry would be off the charts. So she can push, pull and prod like the petulant primadonna she is, without any fear of retribution. (at least off track…)

I doubt she would go after Sarah or Milka or Kat in that way given the opportunity, as any of them would be well within their rights and fully capable to haul off an clock her sour puss with all their might. (oh please OH PLEASE let me be witness to that some day…)

For the first time in weeks, I’m actually excited that there is a race this weekend. Good sign.


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