Portland: continued…

Well, to be honest, I fell asleep half way thru. I had to cue it up again to see what I missed. Apparently… not much. So to continue:

Graham Rahal is twitchy out there, especially when another car passes or get’s along side. Apparently all the ow offspring are a little jittery.

The scrolling graphic at the top of the screen is so fucking annoying. Especially on the start! And the bad camera angle only added to the lameness of it. The camera needs to be head on to get a sense of speed and excitement for a standing start. Oh and speaking of graphics, were we just supposed to fucking guess who was driving in todays race (other than the four profiled drivers) and in what starting position? It was only when they started griding for the start that I realized that they were scrolling the starting line-up. WTF?

Seabass gets by, again… and it’s a snoozefest. (literally) (I dozed off) How the hell does Justin lose a 16 second lead? He was absolutely gutted at the end too. Couldn’t disguise it. As he said He did all he could do. I really want to see Justin on a top team next year so he can get the momentum back that has been destroyed this season. Will Power seems to have lost some of the fire too. I felt bad for both Jan and Kat. Running out of gas?? Seriously? Come on folks. Let’s get our shit together.

I feel bad for these guys. This 6 week break seems to have sucked the energy out of the series. It’s like starting the season all over again.

All in all, if I had to sum up this race? Kinda boring. Hate to say it, but it was.

Thankfully Cleveland is always an exciting race. That should kick 2007-Part Deux into gear.


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