well, good luck with that.

So the gang has decided to turn their backs on the bar/restaurant that hosted them last season and this season, then pick a very much lesser establishment for their “gathering”.

ya… I scouted that location back in the fall last year. Horrible. Horrible setting. Big open space with too bright florescent lighting. Horrible service and confused staff (saw many patrons rolling their eyes) and a manager that came to tell me he’d be right back to talk to me then wandered around for 20 mins, finally settling on a bar stool with a drink, laughing it up with the bartender. He also didn’t notice that I left.

If there is one thing I’ve discovered over the last few months. People are fickle. They do what it is that suits themselves best, everyone else be damned. And people wonder why I walked away. Wonder no more.

So the bad new is, I get to now go back to the amazing staff at the Duke and tell them not to expect the crowds of people I had promised them for race week and that they will likely not have to put up with a crowd any Sunday for the rest of the year either.

The good news is, I have a less crowded place to go after my days at the track to enjoy a beer in private with my friends.

Speaking of tracks… I leave for Cleveland in about 24hrs! woohoo!


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