and it feels like home…

You know when something is just meant to be? This weekend was meant to be. For a multitude of reasons. And the racing gods aligned to give everyone exactly what they needed and deserved. (take that for what you will)

I need this weekend to answer some questions. I got the answers I was looking for. (Again, take that for what you will)

I was so overwhelmingly happy and proud for Paul and the entire Forsythe crew. Like Paul said, that was an ugly, dirty race, and no one was more surprised than he to find him sitting centre in the press conference. But a win is a win, and the boys rallied behind him, and he for them, and it boosted the moral of a team who’s moral needed some serious boosting.

I adore the Cleveland race and hadn’t been since 2003. What a difference. Again, the venue and concessions leave a lot to be desired, though they have improved it emmencely. That said, Cleveland is all about the track itself. I could care less what they are frying up out in the dirt behind the stands, I don’t eat there anyway. But that track! Yikes! Being able to see the entire track, especially some of the more intricate corners… wow. I saw the night race live. (again, way fun!) But this was even better.

If there was any doubt in my mind as to whether I was still a fan, well, the adrenaline pumping through my body by the end of the race yesterday quelled that. (of course the numerous cans of Monster could have contributed to that!!) I think there is room for all of us “fans” out there. To those who would have me stripped of that right, tell ya what: You do your fan thing your way, I’ll do mine my way. You stay the fuck out of my way, I’ll stay the fuck out of yours.

The Bitch is back! Bring on Toronto! 🙂

Click for bigger size!

PT prepsPT preracePT victorious!


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