The power of the hat…

A funny story about the universe sending signals and listening to yours.

When I picked up my rental car for the weekend, I was greeted by a sweet fast little Forsythe blue one. “Hmmm…” I thought. “a sign perhaps?”

On the drive to Cleveland I got behind a transport truck with the license plate: PT 3486. I laughed and attempted to take a picture with my cell phone. No luck, but I knew I had seen it. A few moments later, the truck and myself drove under a bridge. The name of the road? “Forsythe Rd”. Ya, I know… see where I’m going with this?

Anyway… I have a little tradition… a superstition if you will. Whenever I’m at the track, I’ve discovered that if I buy something with Paul or Forsythe on it, Paul podiums.

So this weekend, I decided I would buy the new Forsythe Cap with Paul’s name on it. Unfortunately the quality of the hat sorta sucked to be honest, and it just didn’t fit right, so I decided to take it back. (after all I had my beat up frayed PT hat in my bag as a back up for race day)

Sunday morning, I head to the Speedgear trailer, explain the situation and trade in my hat. Now there is another Forsythe hat there, but it is generic, so I wasn’t interested in it. I debated back and forth between the Minardi hat and the Speedy Dan. I chose the SD hat for it’s kitch value and walked away.

10 mins later my gut was swirling! It just wasn’t right! I couldn’t do this to PT. I was at the track, he really needed a good result, and I just couldn’t take the chance no matter how far fetched my theory was. I hadn’t driven all the way to Cleveland to jinx my driver damnit!

So, I ran back to the Speedgear trailer, and explained my bizarro theory and pleaded for yet another exchange to the generic Forsythe hat. (which is getting embroidered btw w/PT’s name & number) They laughed at me but gave in to my wishes.

Well… he won the race.

After much jumping and screaming and celebrating in the Forsythe pits with the crew after the race, we headed back to the media centre, passing the Speedgear trailer along the way. They waved at me and said they thought of me immediately when PT won.

I grinned and said: “That’s the power of the hat baby. The power of the hat”


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