come on PT…

Looks like Paulie has found some speed today. Whiny…er… Seabass seems like he’s trying a little too hard and will make some errors that will be his undoing. Perhaps he feels the pressure of the hotshoe rookies on his ass this weekend, as well as the elder statesman with nothing to lose and everything to gain letting the genie out of the bottle…

Final qualifying about to begin. GO PT GO! (and go Pag and Doorknobs too!)


Well, the rain came and messed that all up… Seabass apparently has gearbox issues… (riiiiiiiiiiight) The last few minutes were a flurry of changeovers. PT was P1 for about a second, but rapidly got pushed down the charts. All for naught anyway as no one came in under even the slowest times from yesterday, so other than Will jumping to P2, yesterdays line up stands as tomorrows starting line up. Gommibear didn’t even turn a lap this afternoon… hope he’s that fast and confident tomorrow. Pretty risky IMO to not even go out there to test the track in wet conditions just in case. We shall see…

Oh, in other news, apparently the standing start is a go in Toronto, with a new run off area now at the end of Turn 1… again… we shall see…


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