Ok… I don’t like the guy but

even I think that was ridiculous!

Watching the coverage of the F1 race in France, and Scott Speed get’s himself off into the kitty litter. Of course the inevitable “he must be fearing for the security of his ride” conversation begins and the wanker in the booth says the following:

“…the other rumours circulating are that Sebastien Bourdais, a former Formula3000 driver, frenchman, who’s racing over in America at the moment, has already done one test for the Toro Rosso team, and I believe he’s going to do the Spa test which is coming up soon, and well there’s a lot of rumours that he’ll be moving onto that team for next year”

Racing over in America at the moment??? are you kidding me??? Gimme a fucking break! He is the reigning THREE TIME CHAMP CAR WORLD CHAMPION working on his 4th, which is practically unheard of in ANY sport. Get down off your fucking pompus high horse and do some fucking research asswipe. You should be happy that someone of his driving calibur is even interested in driving for such a shitty team in your elite racing club. Idiots.


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