circular logic 101

Taken from the interweb:

 I‘m glad we lost Montreal because Mont Tremblant kicked A$$$. Great track!! Screw Legault he can have his stupid tin tops.

Yes! Screw Legault! *raised torch and pounds on chest*

You do of course realize that he was the promoter of the the Mont. Tremblant race right? You do as well realize that he is now making money hand over fist for both events, thus essentially having his cake and eating it too…

but yes, indeed, screw Legault! He must just be hurtin this morning… 🙄


4 responses to “circular logic 101

  1. Whose quote is that? It’s pretty well kown that NL was instrumental in CC being at Mont Tremblant.

  2. just some misinformed internet jockey on a forum. hehe…

  3. At least the internet jockey was partially right. Mont Tremblant did kick butt.

  4. True Dat!!! (still kicking myself for not going! gah! next year)

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