Daily Archives: July 3, 2007

and so it begins…

LOL… so I got a call around 7pm from my favorite CC transport driver on his way in to town. Here I thought it was just a “wave out your window” social call. Instead it was a “HELP!”

Apparently there was some miscommunication (in Champ Car?? say it ain’t so!) and the trucks weren’t supposed to be on site until the morning. Well that’s all fine and dandy except that the whole lot of them were barreling down the highway from Quebec towards the track! Some of the trucks threw caution to the wind and went there anyway, reaping the wrath of the powers that be at the venue. Others (my friend) heeded the warning but were faced with the dilemma of heading towards their hotel in downtown Toronto and needing a place to park a big rig for the night! When they contacted the hotel, the folks there just laughed and offered no other suggestions! nice.

Luckily I knew the area around the hotel, and directed them to a street they could park on til I got there to suss out the situation. I rented a zipcar for two hrs and headed down to meet the boys. Believe it or not we actually managed to find a lot nearby to park two rigs in over night. (still wondering if the Conquest truck ever found a place… we couldn’t get a hold of them, but saw them driving by twice) Squeezed the 3 drivers and their luggage into my tiny rental yaris! (note to self: when going on a rescue mission, rent bigger car! LOL) and drove them to their hotel.
Oh, the second favorite moment was telling them I would wave to them at the transporter parade and seeing three blank faces staring back. Apparently they were told no parade. I broke it to them that the parade had been announced over the newswire this morning. Too funny.

Tis ok… get all the blunders and silliness out of the way early in the week right?

So I guess technically I had my own personal transporter parade tonight, so I’m good! LOL! Woohoo! The ChampCar’s are in town!!!


It’s race week here in Toronto!

PT’s win in 03

Oh YA baby! This is the week that makes all the other weeks in the year pale by comparison. Of course I usually haven’t been to any races at this point in the season, so my anticipation is second only to the adrenaline coursing through my blood.

This year it’s a little different. I’ve got two races under my belt already. My affiliations are different this year, and therefore my commitments at the track are different. I’m much more relaxed and really enjoying the racing and the writing, without all the other bs cluttering up my mind and my time.

As the transports roll into town, there is an honest to goodness points challenge happening right now, along with the all important “drama” of driver vs driver tensions (for ONCE not centered around PT!) for the media to glom onto. Our rookies this year are spectacular, even that Gommendy guy (who??) And our backmarkers are so damn likeable, you can’t help but cheer them on!

I’m going to try to update often from the track like I did last year. Whatever little tidbits of info I can track down I will place here. The more formal articles will go on CCW.net.

Ok… must start preparing my gear for the week as it gets started tomorrow with a few pre race events and the transport parade.