First impressions…

Day one at the track. Always a bit of an adjustment, as there seems to always be a few little tweaks here and there. Last year the tweaks were definitely for the worse, and it left me feeling rather trepidacious about the weekend. I promptly sent a three page post-mortem to the powers that be after the race with the good, bad, ugly and horribly wrong highlights of the weekend. Well it would seem that we were listened to. (and kudos to the GPAT for being open to the suggestions)

The paddock area is 100% improved over last year. Much more accessible, and the back marker teams aren’t tucked down some back alley, hidden away like the ugly step child. The fan forum has been moved indoors this year, which will vastly improve the quality of the presentation and therefore the fan experience.  And while I personally don’t like it, I can see the reasoning behind moving the podium. (although the pro-photog’s are NOT impressed)  Even the layout of the media centre is better this year.

More stuff to talk about, but must run to check out the Street Party. It already looked leaps and bounds better than the last few years, and the rain doesn’t appear to be a damper this year, so it should be pretty good.



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