live from the pits…

What better way to start a sunny Saturday than to be standing in the Forsythe pits in Toronto. Ahh…. the smell of methanol in the morning. Ain’t nuthin like it.

Both Paul & Oriol are finding themselves plagued with the same brake issues that have been following them around like a bad fart for the last few rounds.

The crowds are pretty good this year. The GPAT prez is telling me that everything is ahead of forcasting in all areas. The drivers are happy with the changes to the track and the fans are happy with the changes to the paddock and exhibition grounds.

As usual, the weekend is much more fun for me when Paul’s mom is around. We sat around for about an hour yesterday outside Paul’s trailer just shooting the shit. She is a pretty cool “broad”.

Paul’s son is here today. Holy crap! He’s getting big and looks more like his dad everyday.

Seabass is on a tear as usual, but still whining like a little girl. whatever. Just go already.

Met a few forum folks that I hadn’t yet had the chance to before. I’d like to give a shout out to Muskoka Fan and Goobers!!!

Chassis and I are going to get in a lot of trouble this weekend I can just tell… 🙂

Ok.. back to the on track action…



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