Cotman/Johnson fiasco…

From MarkC this morning: has learned that Tony Cotman will not be replacing Steve Johnson at the helm of Champ Car. Instead, the President and CEO will remain Steve Johnson and we hear he will be promoting Tony Cotman from Vice President to Executive Vice President of Operations on Thursday. Cotman, will take on more responsibility including day-to-day operations of legal, personnel, finance and marketing. Cotman also will continue in his critical role as Race Director. This will enable Johnson to spend more time on selling sponsorship for the series, something that is desperately needed if Champ Car is to survive.

Sorry, no matter how you slice it, Johnson is being demoted. He’s just keeping the title so as not to spook the key players in all the pending deals on the table. It’s smart not to cut him loose all together. He is a schmoozer/salesman. One conversation with him and you feel like you should buy something (or take a silkwood shower to wash off the stench of propaganda)

A girl I worked with a few years ago held the title of Manager. She was useless as a tit on a bull, was respected by none of her peers and made giant blunders. They stripped her of all the responsibilities that if not done correctly could have and did have a detrimental effect on the company and gave her some menial tasks to oversee while allowing her to retain her title to save face. She had the personality but not the skill set to properly execute her duties…

sound familiar?

If they do allow Johnson to retain his Prez/CEO title, it is merely to save face. Cottman will be doing all the important grunt work now.

and of course, still no official word from CC itself.


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