has it been a week already?

At this time last week, I was standing at pit out for media day. Crazy. In some ways it feels like months ago (already well ensconced back in the real world and work) in some ways like it was yesterday.

Let’s see what else is there to talk about regarding the Toronto event…

Star Mazda put everyone else to shame IMO. Stellar rolling start! See it can be done! I hate… let me make this clear… HATE standing starts. It’s a fucking snooze fest. Especially in Toronto!! The excitement of the entire field rounding the final turn into the front straight and then booking it down towards turn one is unmatchable. The kids in Star Mazda executed it perfectly. And the race rocked too! Go Devin!

The souvenir program was much improved this year. Actually I really liked it. It had a magazine feel about it, with features on each team and each driver. (and up to date pictures, which is rare) Usually those things are just page after page of sponsor ads. Not so much this one. I mean, they are there for sure, but not so prevalent.

The food in the media centre (oh oh, she’s turning into David Phillips now…) was actually an improvement over last year. Still nothing resembling a hot meal as in days gone by, but at least there was choice and presentation this year. Morning: bagels, muffins, etc… For next year I would suggest maybe a yogurt option and some fruit oh and a toaster!! Lunch/Dinner: A variety of cold sandwiches, with two side salad options (nice touch there!) a bowl of fruit and a sweet. (brownies, cookies, etc) The first day they forgot the condiments which was quite comical. Driest. salad. ever.

My only complaint would be the beverages. Being stuck with two fridges full of “Duh!”, horrifyingly flavoured water, and plain water was the injury. The insult was that they were NEVER cold! Instead of loading up the fridge at night in preparation for the next day, the bottles were stocked up mid morning. I forgot what cold beverages tasted like for a week! (other than the ones in my bag that I brought to the track myself) (sorry, I like ya Frankie D, but your drinks taste like crap) Luckily I was able to find cold non D’angelo products from friends in the paddock so I wasn’t stuck drinking warm water for 4 days.

Other recommendations? Fans.. (hotter than hell on the pleeb side of the media centre) and better security. As happens every year, someone’s laptop was lifted. (mine never left my side all week, as proven by the pain in my neck/shoulder still…)

Personal note… I was disappointed by a few folks in a big way. It surprises me how ungrateful & disrespectful people can be. Whatever. Their loss in my opinion. I was vindicated in more ways than one, so now I just drop it and move on. Topic closed.

Made many more connections at the track. Networking is so important. Again, I’m enjoying myself and my new roles much more so than ever before. Onward and upward baby.

Next televised race: Edmonton! I’ll be down at the Duke (by myself apparently… whatever… ) Next year hopefully I will see this one in person.

Next live race: Phoenix. (possibly RA… more on that later)

Ok… work beckons…


2 responses to “has it been a week already?

  1. I’ll look for you in Phoenix!

  2. you bet darlin! Can’t come soon enough!

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