well now… isn’t this interesting…

theres been a little shake up in head office it seems. Not that it comes as a surprise to anyone with half a brain of course.

Couple of thoughts…

already there are detractors saying Miller is wrong. Hmmm… well, the man did use quotes, not just hearsay and rumour speak, so I’m curious just where the holes are in his story. Of course as usual, there is no official word from CC, just one of the usual blow hards chiming in on a fan forum.

Only KK was quoted. Why? Well, GF hasn’t been anywhere near a track or race since Portland I believe, which is odd enough in itself, but wasn’t he the one calling for Cotman’s head in the off season? so why would he be behind the guy gaining more control of the series.

I do believe this is merely the smoke from a blazing fire…


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