in good company…

At what point do you stop attacking the symptoms of the illness and start fighting the cancer itself?

Another friend is being “Robin Millered” behind the scenes at CC. (RM’d = speak out against the series or rather against a specific person in the series and get shown the door)

I was RM’d but since I wasn’t actually employed by anyone, their threats ended up idle and their recourse nil. On top of that the rumours I was accused of starting not only did I not start, but they were later found out to be fact not rumour. Fact is, the only thing they managed to do was free me from the albatross that is CCF, and for that I will always be grateful as swallowing the koolaid was getting harder and harder to do.

So now this same group of watchdog goons are going after not only a friend who is employed within the series, but someone else within the series that would make quite a few jaws drop to the floor were it to become public.

Again my faith in the series is being tested due to one person when it all comes down to it. What is this the fucking Sopranos? Seriously. No wonder things are so fucked up with this series. The dirty back room tactics to silence all detractors and protect the “couldn’t be further from fucking innocent if they tried” brigade only serves to shine a spotlight on what is truly wrong with the series.

I will sit on this information for now, but there may come a time in the near future when I will be forced to play my hand and expose a few people for who and what they really are.

I really hope it doesn’t come to that…


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