a day late…

It’s funny, I spent Sunday morning over breakfast perusing the autosports world, reading up on articles I had missed, etc… etc…

I dropped by Gordon Kirby’s site. Some good stuff there. Especially his latest. I meant to comment on it, but got side tracked by the garbage going on with my friend. Now of course it is making the rounds on the interweb, so I will look like a bandwagoner… but never the less, I will chime in.

It’s sad to me that all of the legit voices who have championed and yes many times chomped down upon our series write elsewhere. Used to be that after every race weekend you would get an editorial from Phillips, Miller, Oreo, and Kirby right there on the CCWS site. Now we get fluff pieces and some anonymous dude called “Champ Car Charlie” blowing smoke up our ass, and no one holding the series and it’s players accountable. (Ya, I know, odd of me to rip the site when I have an article in rotation on there right now, but it is not an opinion piece, it’s merely an announcement and some quotes from Holland)

When did we as a series and as a fan base become so fucking fragile? Who decided blinders and ignorance were better than truth and accountability?

If you want to know the truth about what is going on with Champ Car please seek out these men who still mercifully write about us.

Miller is on Speed. Full of piss and vinegar, but full of humour and passion too. One conversation with the man at the track and there is no doubt he is a fan. He was positively giddy in Toronto.

Phillips, Speed & Racer. Sits on the fence a lot, and vacillates frequently, but he’s out there and he’s watching and he’s writing about it.

Kirby has his own site and writes editorial pieces subtitled: “the way it is” Read them with an open mind and reflect upon the words honestly. Sometimes it’s a hard pill to swallow, but all medicine that is good for you is.

Oreovicz can be found on National Speed Sport News and ESPN (he is however the blandest/least boundary pushing off all of them)

I guess what I’m saying is don’t be spoon fed. Seek out all forms of media and all tones of articles. Be a well rounded fan. Take it all in, glean from it what you need, toss the rest aside. But don’t just dismiss something or someone because you are afraid of falling out of line with the guzzling masses or because there is a perceived tone of negativity. This is not a dictatorship. It is a democracy. We all have choices. We all have voices. Do not blindly follow but rather bravely lead.


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