g’day mates!

Just want to give a thumbs up and shout out to my aussie chums who will finally be able to watch CC this year. (now that there are only 8 events left…) Unfortch they have missed both of Will’s wins, but he is within striking distance of the cup again, so he’ll be in the hunt for at least one or two more.

Speaking of tv coverage. Our fucking wanker of a tv partner ESPN had their Espy awards tonight. Not ONE mention of Champ Car. There was an opening montage for about 10-15 mins celebrating “moments’ in all varieties of sports, presumably ones that are covered by Espin. Nothing. Nada. Even when they were going thru all the multiple win combination accomplishments, which you would think would warrant a mention of Seabass as the 3 time Champion (consecutively) and heading for a possible 4th… Nope.

So explain to me again the reason this deal was such a godsend? No one outside of the good ol’ US of A can watch it. (thank you again to the Score for picking up the feed at the 11th hour) They do next to NO promotion (other than those fabulous ads for the twirl in the middle of our races) and the tv numbers, from what I’ve seen, not a big fucking improvement. In fact, I’m pretty sure the first 3 races on network tv faired better than any that have aired on Espin or Espin the lesser. oh, and don’t even get me started on the hack job they do on the Atlantic races, which perhaps thankfully we in Canada are unable to see at all anywhere.

The TV coverage in Canada on Global was horrible this year. Barely any lead up to it. No preshow or post show coverage (the thing that set the CDN coverage leaps and bounds ahead of all other coverage for years) It was just a bad domestic video feed barely in sync with the barely audible international audio feed (great commentary by Shaw and Hinch however when you could hear it and when they didn’t abruptly go to commerical in mid sentence) I sincerely hope that whomever is in charge of the television marketing is already working on fixing things for next year.

bwahahahahahaha… I can’t believe I just typed that with a straight face. That would be like expecting the 2008 schedule to be released in a timely fashion. bwahahaha… I’m a fucking comedian tonight.

Ok.. apparently I’m delirious, so I’m going to bed now.


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