yes, that’s what we need…

another fledgling open wheel series made up from our old chassis to split the attention, sponsors, fanbase, resources, money…and further muddy the waters. A watered down Champ Car Series. Good plan stan.  *hits head repeatedly against wall*

I tried to read the whole post, but nearly drowned in the spunk…  Jesus… what is it with these dudes today???

OH, but my favorite part of the uber post by Obi-why-can’t-I-stop-typing…

Midway through the post was this disclaimer:

[Much of the following FPA material was copied from Wikipedia.]

bwahahaha! Apparently someone alerted him to the fact that his borrowing 😉 of content from wikipedia to plump up his already bulging posts had been uncovered in llamaland… hehehe.

so much comedy if you just know where to look.


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