tis the night before Edmonton…

woohoo! First practice 12:15 p.m. (wish I was there in person… *sigh*) (next year for sure) I’ll be covering this one from my computer and tv screen. (blech)

I will, however, be at Road America in a couple of weeks! Yippeeeeee! This one has always been on my someday list. Well, looks like someday is mid August.  The opportunity came up, the crack addiction that is Champ Car took over my common sense, the little devil on my right shoulder screamed louder than the Angel on my left shoulder, and I decided that happily in debt is better than miserably paid up, and well, what the fuck, you only live once right?

There are some people I’m really looking forward to meeting. Some people I will most likely run into who I hope will be mature enough to leave the b.s and interweb politics behind and be willing to just share a beer, a laugh and some good racing.  (isn’t that what it’s really supposed to be all about?)

If I’m correct, that weekend is the Taste of Champ Car, which I’ve always heard great things about. And I would really love to sit at the bar at Siebkens and take in the spirit of all the phenomenal racers who have sat there over the years.

Mostly I just really want to experience the cars on that track. I will then have seen Champ Car’s race on all of the tracks they race(d) on. (oval, street, airport, road course)  It’s the last hurrah for the series on North American soil in 2007 until December, when I will join up with them again for the finale & banquet in Phoenix, so I want to absorb as much Champ Car energy as I can to get me through the painful last part of the season. (one race per month after Sept) (ick!) On the bright side, I will be busier than HELL from the end of Aug thru to Dec working 3 jobs (yikes!) so it’s probably better not to be splitting my focus too much.

Then I start planning for 2008.

  • Vegas
  • Long Beach (?)
  • Cleveland (?)
  • Mont. Tremblant
  • Toronto
  • Edmonton
  • San Jose (?)
  • Phoenix

I am of course  going to have to wait until I see an actual schedule before I start planning or booking anything. LOL! (oh and from the looks of my list get a job with a team or win the lottery!! HAHA)

hey dream big or go home right? I didn’t think I’d make one race this year and I’m heading to #4 with #5 on the horizon, so anything is possible.

Ok… enough babbling. On with the race at hand!


2 responses to “tis the night before Edmonton…

  1. See ya in Tremblant next year for sure!

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