Gommendy update…

via text msg from the track:

Sore back, but they think he will be fine. Not so much so for the tub. They are comparing it to PT’s crash in LB. 

Firstly. Why do I have to send text msgs to friends in the series at the track in order to get any updates???? CCWS has a fucking website. They have staff at the track, sitting very close to if not beside at times, the same people I am texting for info. Why not just put a little update on the site explaining the incident, why he was removed via ambulance, what the latest update is, and that they will update with further information as it becomes available.  Simple.

Secondly. What the FUCK is up with these tubs and back injuries??

Not impressed either way.


2 responses to “Gommendy update…

  1. Yeah, what is up with the back injuries? There is still work to be done on the car to protect the drivers. They need to get it fixed now.

    Your on a tear this week, but you’re right. The communications in Champ Car are still lacking. It’s almost like they don’t realize that they are the series with fans. doh!

  2. indeed. 3 similar back injuries. (can’t blame this one on age and brittle bones like they tried to with PT) Something is not right.

    I’m always on a tear baby! LOL!

    “It’s almost like they don’t realize that they are the series with fans. doh!”
    OH crap!! LOL… I just did a spit take on that one. TOO funny!!

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