Race weekend!!…

Normally I don’t get to experience that same rush on a Friday of a race weekend stuck at home rather than at the track. But thanks to GlobalTV and a little “stickcam” I am able to see and hear those fabulous cars rush by on that fabulous track in Edmonton. No commentary and mostly static, but it takes the experience to a whole new height! (although the operator did graciously pan around the entire track at one point showing us the stands and the pits and the great turn out!)  To have the sounds of the race cars on my desktop while I’m working is awesome and motivating!

Maybe someday Champ Car will take their heads out of their ass and hook up a free cam for Friday to go along with the live timing. No, not part of the disaster that is Race Director, (many of us still are prevented from using this “tool” years after it was introduced, due to lack of further development, despite many advances in technology since then) but it’s own simple, free, all encompassing, user friendly to all camera.

Here’s the linky for those who aren’t aware:


The cabs are on track right now (blech) but hey, it’s like sitting in the media centre with the ambient noise of the track in the background. Pretty cool.


2 responses to “Race weekend!!…

  1. Speaking of the removal of heads from asses, how about some better timing and scoring during qualifying at the events. They should do sector times and display the number and time when a driver goes purple or is close to getting P1. It would add to the excitement of qualifying for those in the stands.

  2. Now you’re just being silly…

    Kidding!! That’s a great idea! Sometimes they put so much time and effort into things that no one really cares about when they could be making improvements on the things that really matter to the fans.

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