Ok… seriously

This is a HORRIBLE fucking tv production. Thank goodness I have timing and scoring going or I wouldn’t have a fucking clue what is going on.

(although according to them it was Doornbos and Clarke that got into it in turn one, which wasn’t the case)

So much information that is not being conveyed via the broadcast no mention of Kat being out until the out of the blue interview with Beisner. The last commercial break happened just as Shaw said “we’re under yellow”

Now timing says “Tagliani out with some sort of problem”

Seriously!! are they even watching the race?? lol… what a joke all around.


4 responses to “Ok… seriously

  1. So is this part two of the communications are lacking rant. It was terrible today. First we come back from commercial break under yellow.
    Me at home: “Why are they under yellow.”

    Announcer: “This is the second yellow of the day after the earlier yellow was thrown for debris on the track. ”
    Me still at home: “Oh thanks a friggin’ lot for finally telling me about the earlier yellow.”

    They need to check the cups because I’m not sure that’s water Rick is sipping in between commercial breaks.

    Hello CCWS… I available for commentating.

  2. Our coverage in the US is bad. I really feel worse for Canadians, and especially Australians.

    BTW, there was no explanation of the “debris” yellow on the broadcast in the US, at least that I saw.

  3. LOL… and you guys are talking about the ESPN version. You would be disgusted by the CDN/International edition we sat thru the last 3 events.

  4. Indy, they finally mentioned the debris on the track during the second caution period. If you were distracted for a second then you would have missed it. Plus, it was like an hour later in the race. Timely delivery if you ask me.

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