Edmonton… the recap…

I really don’t have anything to add sadly.

I don’t feel I got to see even half of the race. I’ve read so many race reports from the teams, and it would appear that much of what happened never made it to the international feed. Our production was so choppy and disjointed, I spent most of the race confused rather than enthused. *shrug* Hopefully San Jose will be better.

I guess I can speak to the drivers/teams…

Happy to see Paul and Oriol get good results. (“good” being relative to their previous CDN outings) From the sounds of it however, nothing has been “solved”. It sounded like they just threw a bunch of proverbial “let’s try this” shit at that wall and hoped something would stick and make the car better. You can’t win championships that way.

Happy to see Bruno so racy! There will be a DCR podium by year end. I can just feel it. At the same time my heart breaks for Kat. I can only imagine the depth of her frustration and the pressure being put on her by outside forces and mostly by herself, to get results.

More heartbreak empathy for Will. Ugh… the dejection in his voice. Poor thing. It’s one race Will!! And not an insurmountable gap! It ain’t over til the fat lady sings, and I promise not to hum a note until Dec. How’s that?

I think J-Wil could sneak in and spoil it for all of them! While Seb & Doorknob duke it out and play cat and mouse, Will will continue to push, perhaps too hard, and make mistakes. J-Wil could just be his consistant, gentlemanly self, and rack up the points in the remaining races and come out on top in the end.

It is nice to see a now potential 4-way battle for the Championship. Let’s hope it continues that way and doesn’t turn into the N/H/L domination snoozefest towards the end.

On to San Jose!… and a million recaps of “the fight”… ugh.


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