our boys are…

broken and battered.
Both PT & Figge are still suffering from residual pain from their unfortunate injuries earlier this year. Now both Gommendy & Dalziel are on the DL for a couple of races. (ya, borrowing a baseball term… whatever)

So, who goes in what seat? Obviously Mario is in one of them. Rumour is he will go to PCM and someone else will take over the steering wheel at PKV.  I can’t see them putting Tristan back in the car on that track with a back injury.

This could actually be a bit of  a blessing for PCM, as Mario has now driven for a couple of teams and could give them valuable feedback on their cars, setups, etc…

This could also be a huge opportunity for a few of the other rideless drivers that have taken up residence in the pits this year.

It is strongly rumoured that young Mexican David Martinez is in at Forsythe for the last 5 races. (I spoke to him both in Cleveland and in Toronto, the funding is there.) Would PKV put him in the seat knowing this? And what of Andreas Wirth? He too practically has a cot in the paddock this year. Is this his chance to go out and make an impression? Or… does Nelson Phillipe get the call, despite his strong angry words against the series when he found himself without a ride come Vegas? Bigger question, would he swallow his pride to take a one off ride? Could go a long way in his favour if he did. Or does Jimmy say “fuck this! let me show these kids how it’s done!” and get in the car for one last hurrah.

This should be an interesting couple of weeks.


2 responses to “our boys are…

  1. JV is a bit on the chubby side these days. It may be a struggle to get in and out of the car 😉

  2. hehee… now now… He’s actually slimmed down a lot this year.

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