Let your voice…

be heard: http://www.theracingnetwork.com/

A new network proposal, devoid of all things Napcar! Hopefully it will be available via cable and in Canada. Fingers crossed. Spread the word.


4 responses to “Let your voice…

  1. When you vote you can also send them a message. Told them if they put on CC and Atlantics i’m a new client for sure…

  2. Exactly! Throw in all those old CART races and a dedicated CC magazine show. I’ll pay premium $$ for that channel.

  3. I hope the racing gods make this happen. Do you think we should sacrafice FTG to appease them?

    Yes, old CCWS and CART races please. I’d also like to see F3, Forumla Nippon, World Series by Renault, WRC, umm… I think I’m gonna have to upgrade my cable so I can get the DVR.

  4. So true! You both are right, bring back the old cart races! I would also like to see the DTM series so i can support fellow Québécois Bruno spengler!

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