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So I just posted my story on the 1 millionth CC fan in attendance this year walking through the gates of San Jose.
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Here’s my conundrum…

According to CC, attendance is up 16% right now, and yet… the 1 millionth fan entered the gates of San Jose on this same weekend in both 2006 & 2005 . In fact… in 2005 it was the 8th race on the schedule. (06 & 07 it is the 9th)

So… now obviously (to me anyway) I’m no mathematician or statistician, but if in fact, attendance is up 16%, should the 1 millionth fan not have walked through the gates say in Toronto or Edmonton?

am I off base here?


4 responses to “things that make you go…

  1. I don’t see how race attendance is up 16% when 2 of the first 9 races were new and Edmonton experienced a slight decline in attendance. It takes a lot of butts to increase Edmonton’s attendance by 16%, even more with the slight decline added in. In fact Edmonton’s attendance + Mont Tremblant’s whole attendance would about equal a 16% increase for Edmonton over last year.

    But to your point… I suppose it’s possible that this year the SJGP surpassed the 1,000,000 mark fo CCWS even with the increase. This year it occurred early in the weekend. If it occurred late in the weekend last year and the SJGP attendance totals somewhere around 130,000 for the weekend. I’m too tired to try to actually figure this out, but the I did try a little.

  2. See! That’s my point! They didn’t even track attendance in Vegas for god sakes, Tremblant was teeny tiny, Portland was down, Toronto had rows and rows removed from the grandstands and didn’t release attendance #’s, Edmonton was down. San Jose either has to be packed like fucking sardines or they are just fluffing the numbers and spinning. I think they just picked a day and time and said “that’s when the millionth fan will walk through the gate” wink wink

  3. Did the millionth fan get a golden ticket? Perhaps Willy Wonka will give him a tour. What about the first damn fan who bought a ticket for Vegas or the 500,000 fan who was at Cleveland. I just so happen to know that I was both. Did I get a golden ticket? Heyll no! 🙂

    In thinking about the two races that were removed were Montreal and Monterrey. Is it the one ‘r’ track or the two ‘r’ track. Anyway, those tracks both had decent attendance, so that could explain why it occurs on the same weekend. Perhaps race day has been down, but the overalls have been up due to all the other crap going on, which doesn’t really show well for the series.

  4. LOL.. see if they did it that way, it would come across more legitimate. (and trackable for all of us questioners out there…) I love btw that you know that about your purchases. That’s pretty cool.

    two “r”.

    And no, it doesn’t show well that the events are up but the race day is down. Weird and something to concentrate on for next year perhaps.

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