are you kidding me?…

OK… it’s bad enough that we Canadians can only watch the Atlantic races on a 3×3 square on our computers. But to add insult to injury, there is no sound feed for the live video via the Atlantics site. FUCK OFF!
this sucks big time.

And no, I can’t use RD because they are so fucking archaic that they haven’t figured out in the what… 4 years it’s been running, how to make it compatible for mac users.

Christ!! It shouldn’t be this hard to be a fucking fan!!!


2 responses to “are you kidding me?…

  1. Ahhhhh! I feel your pain. I can’t get RD to work on my PC because McAfee’s has locked me out and of course like you I can’t get it on my Mac. Hello CCWS! Ever hear of Quicktime? I guess it could be worse. They could present us with a flip book of drawings detailing what’s happening during the race.

  2. LOL… frightening isn’t it? Some of the most advanced technology being used in the series and no one can figure out how to allow the fucking fanbase a simple way to view it via computer. (did they ever get those track cams working via the San Jose site btw? talk about egg on someone’s face…)

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