and she finds her happy place…

So, I spent the day busily catching up on “non” racing things (is there such a thing???) and had one great blow-off-steam private conversation. (I’d like to give a shout out to Aragon!)

So now… on to the rest of the race. The broadcast, while still lacking, was a vast improvement for us Canuckdians. At least we had some concept of what was happening. That said… the TV product really really is still very sub-par this year. I can’t quite put my finger on what is missing, but something is definitely missing. Camera coverage, minute details that are important are not being conveyed, and so on and so forth. meh… broken fucking record… moving on.

I wondered aloud yesterday to my viewing buddy (the uber amazing customer service god of GPAT, Dave Jobst )(*bows in a we’re not worthy sort of way* )
damn… so busy kissing up I lost my train of thought…
OH YA, I wondered if perhaps the standing starts aren’t what’s causing some of the bizarro 1st and 2nd lap anomalies/incidents this year. Like the engines and tires aren’t quite getting up to temp and the drivers aren’t quite in that driving frame of mind yet so their reflexes are off somehow. (ya, I know it’s no secret I hate the standing starts, but this is an honest question)

After I loudly cussed out the Hampster for his usual droopy dog answers, I had to laugh at the broadcasters calling him out every time a pass happened on track post interview. bwahaha… high fives to the entire broadcast team for that.

Speaking of passing. Wow! Go euro boys! They certainly made that an exciting race. And kudos to cookie boy for his butt clenching pass on Jani the first time! (that wall was awfully close) and for getting it back on the next lap.

Dan, Dan, Dan. I like ya kid, but geesh. Perhaps a demolition company would be an appropriate sponsor. Although honestly, I have to think that J-Wil contributed to that incident, he was almost stopped when Speedy came around the corner. Oh, and I gotta laugh at the armchair jockeys calling for his head yet ignoring the fact that BobbyD practically drove OVER Jan Heylen in the hairpin. Why the free pass for him? That was a bigger boneheaded move in my opinion.

Kat. My girl. If I could somehow wave a magic wand and give her a perfect car for the weekend I would. For her sake, for the team’s sake, for Dale’s sake. I so just want that dark cloud of doubt removed from her. She deserves better.

Justin. UGH… my heart broke for him. What a sucky sucky day. Kudos to team CDW (waves at Mark) for getting the car fixed and back on track to pull off the fastest lap.

Team Oz, quietly pull off a good result. Will, still in the hunt. Slow and steady my friend. Slow and steady.

Bobby D. He had a PT/Cleveland kind of day and pulled it off. Kudo’s to Mike Cannon for another great call. (Mike was my boy’s guy before the lobotomy, Patreek for those who aren’t in the know. I used to love Mike’s calm demeanor on the radio when Pat would get so worked up he was shrieking like a little girl hehe… )

all in all, that was a surprisingly entertaining race once the demolition derby pre-show ended.

OH wait… one more thing… what the fuck was up with that ridiculous extended full course yellow for PT??? PT was pushed down pitlane, fueled up and driving around with the pack like 5 laps before it went green again! There was no accident, so no debris, so what the fuck??? Did something happen on another part of the track that we the viewing audience weren’t privy to?

OK.. that’s my disjointed, unstructured review. (it’s been that sort of day)


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