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So this past weekend the Champ Car’s had a little break to regroup and prepare for the final swing of the season. ( a weird one at that… but that’s an entry for another day)

F1 was engaged in a heap of controversy. (in addition to the heap they were already dealing with) Team orders ignored, driver tantrums, FIA sanctions, points denied, positions removed, drivers swapped out. My goodness. What an ugly little turn of events for the supposed “elite” racing series. Apparently their shit smells just as nasty as the rest of the racing world.

Not to be outdone, the good ol’ boys grabbed a few headlines of their own with some bumping and grinding and black flag ignoring and double burnout celebrations, and massive fines for conduct (who knew the word bullshit, said in a jestful ironic way, would be worth 25 points and $25, oo0 dollars! ) There was a huge turnout in Montreal for the weekend. I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not. Heck, I had every intention of going myself, but my schedule prevented it. While the track attendance was impressive to some, I would be more curious as to how much of that translated into $$$ for the city and the local businesses. I will not so secretly admit that I was happy for Patreek. Fuck you, it’s my blog, I’ll admit that if I want.

And finally, the IRL proved once again that nothing flies like a crapwagon. The horrifying images on Speed News of Dario Franchitti flying through the air like a paper airplane, landing on top of the other cars then careening down the track upside down was breath catching. To say they were lucky that day would be an understatement. I don’t even know what else to say in that regard.

So now I prepare for Road America. (woohoo!) The last stop on North American soil until the finale in Dec. What are the stories going into the weekend?

Seabass is all but confirmed at Toro Rosso for next season. Who gets his seat? Does someone within the series move up or does a new face from elsewhere get the coveted whinermobile. Will we see Scott Speed on this side of the pond? Seem’s like a logical PR move, so probably not.
Have things been smoothed over sufficiently in the FCR pits? Can they rally together and get a half decent car on track for PT?
The race for the cup is still anyone’s at this point. No one driver/team has been strong/consistent enough to lock it up or pull way ahead. What is the game plan for the remainder of the season, and how will the teams/drivers keep their energy & momentum up as we hit the fall months and the schedule spreads out over weeks on end.
Just how prepared are Champ Car and the European promoters for the two new races? Word on the street is not very. That said, what will the excuses be when things don’t go according to plan? Those of us who attempt to hold someone accountable will be called bitchers and d&g’rs and non-supportive fans. *shrug* I’m tired of the excuses. I’m tired of the people who blow off all the little missteps as ‘no big deal’. You know what. It is a big deal. Every time something goes slightly wrong that could have been prevented by a little forethought and planning, it only shines a giant spotlight on where the series is lacking.

Just a reminder kids, that after these 6 races, the 2007 season comes to a close. As we prepare for 2008, we are heading into year 5 of the much bruhaha’d and shoved down our throats as the gauge of all things, 5 year plan. That magical year where all the bugs will have been worked out, and the series will be on perfect, steady ground, successful beyond imagination. Those of us who have been constantly told to “just wait and see”… well… we waited… now we want the show.

Ok… off to pack.


One response to “around the racing world…

  1. Let’s see…
    NASCAR – can’t comment

    IRL – can’t comment

    F1 – Needs to be on network television daily during the week. How about a 1 PM time slot with a show titled ‘As the Tire Turns’? If Champ Car’s focus is on racing, F1’s is on anything but the racing. All the whining and crying coming out of there makes Seabass look like PT.

    CCWS – 4 years of the same mistakes. They’re simply not learning and adjusting to their mistakes as they should. I have no problem with calling out for someone to be held accountable. If I worked for CCWS I’d go to work dressed like Indiana Jones and crack the whip frequently.

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