wow… just wow.

Like most things in life, in order to truly understand the depth of emotions felt by others, you have to experience the situation for yourself.

I get it now. I get the love for this venue and event. I get the outrage at it’s removal. I get the joy at it’s return. I get it.

I don’t understand why it took me so long to experience it for myself. For some reason it seemed so far away and primitive. Boy was I wrong about that. Barely an hour flight from Toronto, and incredible facilities, it is neither far nor below standard. In fact, I couldn’t imagine NOT staying at the track now that I’m here. As others have said… hotels are for pussies! (ya… I”m such a lady aren’t I?)

It’s an odd juxtaposition of  serenity and exhilaration. Those two things shouldn’t, by nature, go together, but here, somehow, they just do, and it feels right.

Again I am overwhelmed with a sense of happiness and belonging. I belong here. I belong in this world. No doubt about it.

What makes these weekends perfection is of course sharing them with old friends, making new friends, networking like a fiend, talking shop, mending fences, laughing, swearing, drinking, brainstorming, cheering, and of course taking a moment every day to just pause, quiet your mind, and take it all in.

The absolute highlight of my night last night was meeting a long time net friend, and making up with and enjoying a drink and a laugh with a long time “netemy”. Brad it truly has been a pleasure putting a face to the name!! And JC (I know you won’t read this, but fuck it, I’ll say it anyway) You have my respect. Class and stones my friend. A lesser man wouldn’t have made the effort. I missed your point of view! LOL! you crazy bastard!

Ok, I’m heading out to the track for CC qualies now!

At this moment in time, all is right with my little world.


7 responses to “wow… just wow.

  1. Well, I was just beginning to get over the fact that I’m not in Elkart Lake this weekend, but then I go and read your blog. Grrrrrr!!!!

    Tell me you’re going to buy a PT hat this weekend. He needs you to after Q1. Hopefully they’ll get his brakes fixed.

  2. Hunny, I could buy an FCR firesuit, and dye my hair blue today, and I still don’t think it would make a damn bit of difference.

  3. Well, perhaps not for PT.

  4. The pleasure was all mine. I can’t tell you how enjoyable last weekend was. I only wish we could do it all again next week.

    I think off season parties may be in order here. : )


  5. Oh man… an off season get together would be a blast! A little silly season party perhaps? hehe.

  6. We still haven’t met up for bloody mary’s yet………..

    Why did it take me so long to find this blog of yours!

  7. hehe… well, I say we plan to meet up at RA again! I’ll have a better handle on the layout and my schedule this time. 😉

    I don’t know why it took you so long, but I’m glad you’re here! It was funny to come back and read this post. (what an awesome weekend that was)
    I sincerely want to write about good things again, I really do. I hope CC gives me that opportunity someday soon…

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