fun tidbit…

you know that CC commercial with PT, J-Wil and Seabass racing each other? (you know the one they only air during the CC races… where it serves little to no purpose… preaching to the converted and all that… but I digress)

Anyway… the driver of the Forsythe car is actually young David Martinez wearing PT’s helmet! He said he really wanted to flip the visor and wave at the end.. hehe! Such a cutie.

Rumour (strong) has it that that won’t be the last time we see him in a Forsythe car before the end of the season… Hopefully it will be in addition to the two drivers/cars currently in action and not at the expense of.


4 responses to “fun tidbit…

  1. Why does GF want to field three cars now when he had his arm twisted to field two? It seems clear he’s lost interest. Hopefully he’s found the fun again.

  2. I’m sure he doesn’t. That is just my wishful thinking. David has the funding and will be in for the last 3 races. (from what I was told) which means either Oriol or PT are out of a ride for those races unless GF throws up another car. hey, 3 shitty cars can’t be any worse than 2 shitty cars right?

    If he truly lost interest, he wouldn’t have brought in Mo Nunn to observe the team for him and give him a report. (I’ll save the rest of this thought process for my upcoming FCR rant)

  3. Do you think Mo is going to stick it out? From what I understand, he was just dipping his toe in the water.

  4. nah, He was only there to observe and report back to Gerry with his observations and suggestions. I don’t think he would jump back in as anything more than a consultant at this point. I have a feeling we will be seeing more changes at FCR either before year end or before the start of 08.

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