and we’re off…

to a bit of a rocky start in Belgium.

Barely through the first lap and CARNAGE! Finger pointing, the blame game, crunched up cars, what a mess.  Poor Speedy… I think that no matter who’s at fault, if he is in the middle of a mele, he will be deemed the cause and vilified. (why do I always side with the “bad boys”?) With no visuals, all we can do is speculate, but I really hope they don’t castrate this boy to the point of him losing his pluck. This is racing! Let them race!

In yet another sign of the “health” of the series, Conquest racing, who’s driver is the local Belgian poster boy for this race, only has one car. No back up. That car is now in pieces following the first lap incident in this morning’s session. (which he was the cause of technically as he slowed on track with technical issues)  They will be unable to repair it in time for qualies. Why do we, 4yrs into the 5yr rebuild, still have poor teams? Why do we, with the introduction of the new supposedly cost effective chassis, have teams without back up cars??

*bangs head against wall*

Apparently the media centre, although blessed with a great view of the track, is shite. No timing. Only views of the track this morning were from security cameras LOL! While they have provided coffee, the media is having to pay for any other beverages. And the organization is leaving a lot to be desired. (glad I decided to put off the euro races until next year)

*EDIT* wow.. mid way through this post, I got a phone call from Belgium from my euro managing editor that “Speedy Dan” has indeed been sat down for the weekend. Dayum. Podium one week, paddywagon the next. Poor bugger.


ok… I’m fricken starving. I’ve been updating since 4:30am… time for breakfast.


One response to “and we’re off…

  1. Damn right about Kat!

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