The state of racing…

It’s heartbreaking to have conversations with some of the young drivers I’ve gotten to know over the course of this year. These young men and women, who pour their heart and soul and blood, sweat and tears into their cars every weekend. As their season winds down, with only a handful of races left, some of them may be crossing the finish line for the last time.

Money. It’s all about money. You’ve got to have money to get money. You’ve got to spend money to make money.

You look at Star Mazda. The talent in that series is amazing. These kids are plucky and fearless and scrappy and put on a great show. But there is no money. No promotion, no real support in Canada and it airs only on SpeedTV.

You look at BMW. The talent in that series is amazing. These kids are plucky and fearless and scrappy and put on a great show. There is money. But that’s it. There is no promotion, no support in Canada, and no tv package.

These are the kids that are hoping to move up to Atlantics, and hopefully, eventually, t0 be our next stars in Champ Car.

We have to start supporting them NOW! We have to start building the name recognition now. That is the added value for the sponsor. Start the association with them as they are coming up through the ranks. As their following grows, so to does the following and support for the sponsor.

Why don’t restaurants and other smaller business sponsor these kids? They are certainly going to give them (the biz) more exposure than some little league or casual adult team, which they all seem to sponsor with no problem. And if it’s done right, it’s going to grow the business.

Its beyond frustrating to look into the eyes of a Charles Anti as he tells you 45 mins before his race that he may not be driving next year due to lack of funding, then watching him drive the wheels off what was all weekend a shitty car, to a top 1o finish. (his 6th top ten in 10 races)

These kids need our help, but I just don’t know where to start… and it frustrates me.


One response to “The state of racing…

  1. Amen sister.

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