much to say…

but it will have to wait. (I have a meeting to go to in 20 mins)

I will however say this…

“we assume that Bruno came in second”

We “assume”???? Are they serious??? UnFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!! The most interesting battle in the whole fucking race and the director decides to follow BOREdais entire final lap and subsequent drive around instead of capturing the first podium for Bruno and DCR this year and DCR’s best ever finish???? Someone needs to be beaten about the head with a large club.

Ok… off to work now.


3 responses to “much to say…

  1. I soooo agree. My daughter was asking why daddy was screaming at the tv. And i almost never do that!

  2. Isn’t that how F1 coverage is handled? Usually they show the winner while ignoring the guys in the back. CCWS should make this suggestion to them, since CCWS isn’t obviously F1.

    Kudos to Bruno! How sweet would it be if he wins one for DCR. I’m not sure it’ll happen this year, but next year I think the chances will be good…. assuming DCR keeps Bruno around.

  3. It would be awesome to see Bruno win one. I know that they are working very hard in the DCR camp to secure sponsorship. (that is key) If they can secure some money, then they can beef up the team (manpower and parts) which leads to better performances by all.

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