Daily Archives: August 28, 2007

three strikes you’re out…

Well, now that it’s official: http://www.champcarworld.net/pages/news.php?id=4355

I guess you can figure out what the “brace yourself” alerts to me this afternoon were concerning.

Denver, China, Phoenix. What a fucking joke of a season. What series has THREE major events canceled in ONE season, including the fucking season finale.

Way to fuck up the points championship too dickheads.

My head is still spinning from conversations I had this weekend about our series.
Even at a non-Champ Car event, the topic still comes up amoungst the media.

Pretty comical comments still going around about RM’s hardcard pulling. (first chance I had to talk to the Canadian print media folks about it, and boy did we have some fun convos) (best part was finally meeting and yucking it up with Norris McDonald. What a cool cat he is.)

Champ Car is seen as a joke and unstable by many outside of the protective CC bubble. (not just by media & fans) We are losing our future due to our ridiculous present. The young drivers coming up through the ladder series are being advised by those around them to seek a different direction due to the instability of the series. Hearing that was like a sucker punch to the gut. I was all at once sad and infuriated.

Something has got to change and quickly, cause things are going downhill fast.


brace yourself…

that was the title of one of the several ominous warning messages today…

so I pass it along to you all.

Brace yourself. (can’t say more than that right now)

Funny part is that could also be my message header for some of the convesations I had this weekend at Mosport. Lots of stuff. Icky frustrating stuff. Infuriating stuff. Again, stuff I can’t repeat as it betrays a confidence.

Btw… I can tell you that Zolder may not return next year based on the dismal turn out this year. They certainly did a good job of masking the reality of the situation on TV. 40, 000 for the weekend. 25, o00 on raceday. I found this out as I was complaining to our euro photog team on Saturday that I needed crowd & atmosphere shots, and they responded “there is no crowd or atmosphere yet”

anyway… that is my update for now. Will write more when I knwo more.