brace yourself…

that was the title of one of the several ominous warning messages today…

so I pass it along to you all.

Brace yourself. (can’t say more than that right now)

Funny part is that could also be my message header for some of the convesations I had this weekend at Mosport. Lots of stuff. Icky frustrating stuff. Infuriating stuff. Again, stuff I can’t repeat as it betrays a confidence.

Btw… I can tell you that Zolder may not return next year based on the dismal turn out this year. They certainly did a good job of masking the reality of the situation on TV. 40, 000 for the weekend. 25, o00 on raceday. I found this out as I was complaining to our euro photog team on Saturday that I needed crowd & atmosphere shots, and they responded “there is no crowd or atmosphere yet”

anyway… that is my update for now. Will write more when I knwo more.


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