they better be prepared to offer a lot of money…


When did they post these? Yesterday?

it might as well read:

Job Posting:
Employer: Titantic
Position: Musician

Perhaps they should have looked into filling those positions at the beginning of the season before they took out their shotgun and began shooting off their toes.

The saddest part is that a year ago I would have jumped at the opportunity to apply for a PR position with the series. Now I don’t think I would touch it with a ten foot pole.


2 responses to “they better be prepared to offer a lot of money…

  1. Don’t forget the job duration:

    Contract to fire.

    Duties include: Scapegoat, barbacue, bowling.

    Should anything go wrong this position will be the scapegoat. At such a time you’ll be thown into the fire, which will be followed by your head rolling all the way out the door. STEEE-RIKE!

  2. Exactly why I am not tossing my resume in the pile. Imagine trying to get a job after they paint the giant “it was HER fault” target in my back? Ya right.
    Mauk and Cain saw the writing on the wall and got out with their reputations. Hell, Shunk is probably sitting back breathing a huge sigh of relief.

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