they spin… er… “speak”

“We have to submit next year’s schedule to the FIA for approval, especially with the international events.”

We have too… as opposed to we have?? It’s fucking September. Shouldn’t these approvals have been submitted already??? it will be weeks before the approvals come through, assuming they do, then they still have to tweak and finalize the 08 schedule.

*shakes head*

KK, Johnson, Gentilozzi. Those were the mouth pieces in Europe for the spin cycle, er… “media  Q&A”

I don’t think I could trust the word of any three people less at this juncture. And why oh WHY do they let PG speak for this series in any way shape or form?  Seriously.

I’m too tired to break it down even more.


5 responses to “they spin… er… “speak”

  1. Pretty lame indeed, but the bright side was the race in Holland was pretty damn entertaining! Beautiful facility too.

  2. true dat! Pretty nice looking crowd too.

  3. Yup. And just where the hell was forsythe again? Should we place his picture on milk cartons or something?

  4. if he was there he would have had to participate in the smoke and mirrors bullshit press conference that took place. Besides if Gerry isn’t going to go to the races in the states… why the hell would he go to the Euro races…?

  5. i know. It’s just that this series needs leadership badly. And i’m looking at you Jerry!

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