who likes getting phone calls…

that confirm and elaborate on the details of certain interweb stories…

I DO! I DO!!

Can’t share, but dayum… pop some corn kids… the next couple of weeks (hell months) are going to be interesting. (if you think it’s been ugly out there of late… prepare yourself…)


11 responses to “who likes getting phone calls…

  1. You mean Tags really did get paid? LOL!

  2. LOL… well… he got paid enough to convince him to drive last weekend at least…

  3. You GOTTA read Tommy Kendall’s post about this.

  4. Oh been there done that baby. Loving every minute of it.

  5. Well, a certain Canadian journalist sent an email to me today. It is rather interesting… too bad the stupid thread is now closed…

  6. yes, but my email is still functioning just fine…

    *subtle hint…*

  7. LMAO! You are the Queen of subtle!

  8. TK’s post is an instant CLASSIC!

  9. Sweet more ugly days ahead! Where’s TK’s post?

  10. I’ll see if I can find it for you…

  11. Here you go:

    Originally Posted by tk
    With all due respect, Pat, and I do mean that as I think you are great, you have been lied to, and it wasn’t by me.

    You are being manipulated by the BEST! I don’t blame you as I have seen it up close. There are times I KNEW what was being said to me was not true, yet I started to doubt myself. Your “friend” is ALWAYS going to have an answer to refute anything and he will deliver it with a conviction that few can. There is usually a thin thread of truth to what he says that stitches together some known facts and states other things as facts that would be really hard to know otherwise. I don’t want to spend too much time dissecting the mechanisms of dishonesty, but I think the answer to how he can be so good at this can probably be found here. Having spent some time with him with his guard down, I think DEEP down he is a good guy too, but his ego is in charge most of the time, the by-product of which is lots of pain and suffering to those around him. I feel bad for him too as it has gotten to the point that he believes most of what he says too which might explain the conviction.

    I am comfortable for the most part letting my reputation speak for itself, but it makes me sad as the venom that is spewed at you is really a proxy for the person who is using you to do their dirty work. You should take it as a compliment though, as you were recruited for a reason: your former standing on these boards when your view was passionate, but largely unbiased.

    The further out on that limb you crawl, the sadder I feel. You are a big boy and can make your own decisions, but you might want to step back a bit and try to gain some perspective. I have thought about telling you this several times when you have been out there totally exposed leading the defense, but never had the heart to get it thru the keyboard. There is a saying: “You can only tell someone once that their spouse is cheating on them” After that you just have to sit back and just be a friend. Be well.



    PS Ehud and JCollins28, thanks for the PM’s. It is nice to be missed. Those were good times! The good times continue for me, just in other places;-)Apparently, I haven’t made enough posts to make PM’s to other members, so I had to answer here. Was hoping to see all of you in Phoenix, but will now have to wait for LB next year.

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