LOL… go princess perma pout

what a fucking joke this chick is. She made millions of dollars this year and last year with endorsements (just what doesn’t she spokeswhore for??) and she still can’t figure out how to drive into the pits. Then all the antics in the car and squawking over the radio… hack.

*shakes head*

Geez I hope I don’t get counted down for watching the last few laps of the twirl race… Oh no wait… nevermind… *sticks tongue out*

(bah, they’re all too busy over in paperforum masturbating in every thread over who the better fan is to worry about little ol’ me…)

Hopefully Dashley grows his frontal lobe back and retires from the league now.

EDIT: what the fuck?? are they sending a guy on a scooter to pick up Dashley? Congrats on the Championship, we’re just gonna leave you stranded on the track for 10 mins while everyone else celebrates.

EDIT 2: Ashley is fucking nutjob!! bwAHAHA!! Gotta luv her!

EDIT 3: if I see one more Princess permapout commercial I’m going to throw a shoe at my tv.


3 responses to “LOL… go princess perma pout

  1. ok, for the record, i dont need Paperforum to masturbate…

  2. i knew you would like that one!

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