around the interweb…

spin, spin and more spin…

The diehard CC fans are defending the dropping of the San Jose race to the gomers and jumping on their fellow CC fans for questioning or being upset over the decision.

Dropping a race is never a good thing. EVER.

Dropping an apparently successful race only to replace it with one that was originally dropped because it was no longer successful and doesn’t fit in with the direction of the series mandate seems off no?

Fans are spinning

CCWS is spinning

The media doesn’t give a shit because we are taking a six week break, the IRL is over and Nascar is getting ready for the chase and the “real sports” are all starting up and pushing us further and further off the main page.

Nobody really cares. And those of us that do are labeled and banned and pushed aside as not seeing the big picture and being chicken littles, and a variety of other head in the sand excuses.

Time will tell…


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