so let me get this straight…

Instead of adding a race to our schedule, thereby diversifying and enhancing the season and giving off a show of success and growth, Champ Car in it’s infinite wisdom replaces one of the, in their words, most successful races on the schedule (you know the one that breaks attendance records and rewards the 1 millionth fan every year?) with a track that although historical is oft criticized for it’s small size and lack of passing… hmmm.

Combine that with Phoenix disappearing from the schedule and likely Portland going by by, and 2008 is already off to a banner start.

oh, and teams found out via Autoracing1, not via an internal memo from the series.

That merge with ALMS is seeming more and more likely to me… anyone else’s spidey senses tingling?

Last night I came home to find my Inner Circle card for 2007 in my mailbox. First of all, I signed up for it 2 yrs ago. Secondly, it was wrapped in a letter from Steve Johnson waxing poetic about all the great things to look forward to in 2007 and all the great deals and privileges I could take advantage of at the tracks (last time I looked, we only had 2 more races left, and neither of them were in North America. And to top it all off, it gave a great plug for the Phoenix race. Considering it was in my mailbox yesterday, it was likely sent last week. Perhaps someone in MARKETING could see about updating the information being sent out to “potential fans”. I guess I will think of it as a collectors item as I’m sure come November that will be the last thing that Steve Johnson’s signature will be on with regards to Champ Car.


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