a giant thought bubble…

I responded to a friend who needed to rant about the current state of the series and the potential shaky future.  I responded with this wordy reply that I felt deserved it’s own blog moment as it was weighing on my mind too.

I know I started to focus on the junior formulas this year just to get away from the BS and the politics. Star Mazda and Formula BMW were awesome to watch. I even took in an ALMS event at Mosport in August to watch them sans CC. I will probably be following A1GP this winter as Team Canada is Hinch & Wickens! And will closely watch the developments for the Atlantic’s teams over the winter.

I don’t know honestly what the scoop is for 2008. I think we will still struggle majorly for another year unfortunately. I think that KK needs to grow a sack and cut the dead wood loose. (PG & SJ)

I think the owners that are left need stop acting like spoiled children with expensive toys and no regard for the humans behind the wheels, and wrenches and keyboards and concentrate on being businessmen in a professional sports venture.

I think we will see zero growth in teams and probably (sadly definitely) zero growth in drivers in 2008. I think we will see veterans tossed by the wayside and seats filled with europeans with cash. (just ask Tags what happened to him in Europe…)
I know sadly that we are going to see some of the up and coming talent that awed us in Atlantic’s last year head to europe instead of sticking around or moving up to CC, as CC is seen as a dead end and highly unstable right now and their (the drivers) reps are advising them to seek rides elsewhere to further their careers.

I think CC will answer the bell next year, but I don’t think that bell will be attached to the door of the fantastic house we were all promised we would be moving in to 5 yrs ago.

I think we will see the fanbase further split. I think that they will have to bamboozle a bunch of newbies to get them to buy tickets because the oldies are becoming too aware of the Barnum and Bailey act in head office and have lost their taste for shit sandwiches.

I think we are still in for a world of hurt over the winter and that the hiatus will be the silliest of seasons yet.

I think I will still be there at the season opener however eager to inhale that first deep breath of methanol and cheer on our boys and gals who just want to race the fucking cars and live their dream.


8 responses to “a giant thought bubble…

  1. What? Someone you know is struggling with the current state of the series and its potential shaky future? I don’t get that. It seems stable from where I sit. Care for a sandwich? I’ve got more than I can eat.

    As for the first race of the season you can inhale that first deep breath of methanol unless of course it’s ethanol.

    Gosh, I hope there’s no trips to Antarctica or the North Pole scheduled this off season.

  2. LOL! your bitter sarcasm is shining through! No thanks on the sandwich, I’m on a shit free diet right now…

    On the bright side, F1 is outdoing us in the “what the fuck were they thinking???” department.

  3. Agreed Yack. If Forsythe has anything to say about it, there will be ethanol in those champ cars next year. Just how much will be dependent on how Cosworth is able to handle the requested changes.

  4. I think you guys are way optimistic.

  5. No sarcasm from me this time.

    Sadly, you wrote exactly what I’ve been thinking the past month.

  6. At least it’s nice to know that there are others like us out there. Make no mistake, I’m still a fan, and I plan on following the series next year. (As long as PT is driving, I will be in the Forsythe pits cheering him on) Will I put myself in jeopardy financially like I did the last two years to do so? Probably not, unless they make some serious changes in the off season to convince me they are as serious about the series as I am.

  7. “Make no mistake, I’m still a fan”

    And that’s why is makes this so damn depressing. If we didn’t care, it wouldn’t bother us. I envy those who don’t give a shit…

    Well, you and I can commiserate next week over a beer (I’ll send you details via email).

  8. woohoo!! Can wait to see you!

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