more rumours…

it’s getting pretty deep in the mire of shit coming out of the autosports world. I had a list of stories to work on and post on to fill in the long horrible hiatus we are on. I feel no desire to work on those at all right now as the wave of negative news continues to flow out of CCWS headquarters. I would feel like I was part of the spin machine to post an article of smoke and mirrors rather than addressing the apparent demise of Champ Car in 2008.

Latest rumour, CDW gone at the end of this year. Allow me to mock surprise. If they do leave I will personally contact PG and demand an apology for the bullshit he pulled on me earlier this year. My concern of course is for the crew of the RuSports team. While it is clear that DP can finance the team on his own, I don’t know if he would follow KK’s and GF’s lead and carry it on his shoulders.

As I said earlier in the year, losing CDW would have HUGE ramifications. They are the only legit sponsor the series has right now. Losing them would shine a spotlight on how lost Champ Car is right now. How are we to attract sponsors if the one great sponsor we have has lost faith in the series and is jumping. Of course the faithful are spinning it in preparation. (it’s the new owners, not the fact that CC is a fucking mess) Whatever. I’m not booking any plane tickets in the near future that’s for sure.


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