was there a group discount…

on lobotomies?

Ok… I know dad owns the team… but seriously… If you’re going to replace one of your rookie drivers with a veteran in order to increase your winning/points odds… would you not choose to keep the one that actually has the potential to score points or a podium??? Rather than sparing the one that seems to have his GPS aimed at the kitty litter at each track on each lap?? Fuck nepotism!! At some point you have to put business first.

I’ve been impressed with, and agreed with all of the moves of PCM this year… until now.

wrong, wrong, wrong.

If you want to add Mexican drivers/sponsorship, do it for the entire fucking year, so the fan base has the whole season to build loyalty and excitement! Make sure the tv package is up to par so the country can follow along with said driver leading up to the event in their country.

This is such a shameless kowtow to the Mexican fanbase. They and the sponsors will see right through it. Ugh.

At the very least, since it’s the last race, just add a few extra cars for Christ sake!! Why punish the drivers that have stuck through all the bullshit all year long, just because they weren’t weened on tacos and tequila and wave the red/white & green flag???

Fuck this pisses me off.


2 responses to “was there a group discount…

  1. Sucks, sucks, sucks.

    So, anyone want to guess who owns this team? For the answer, ask who would have made the decision to favor the series over the team?

    And BTW, I don’t know shit, but this series does not behave like one which contains no subsidies.

  2. ding ding ding…

    That press release certainly didn’t sound like the Tyler Tadevic that I spoke with at RA.

    I’m beginning to think I don’t know shit anymore.
    no, strike that.
    I wish I didn’t know shit.
    I wish I was just an ignorant event fan, who only tuned in when the pretty cars came to my city once a year.
    I wish I didn’t care so fucking much about the drivers and the crews and my friends who have put their heart and soul into their support of this fucking train wreck.
    btw… if the banquet is in Indy, I’m coming down. I have a feeling it will be the last time I get to see many familiar faces in the paddock (either by choice or by circumstance) So I’ll be looking for advice on where to stay, etc… (oh and I’ll be expecting to spend some time w/you and Gold Bond man over a brewski or ten!)

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