Here’s the non-edited version…

A note from Ryan

While all of us scratch our heads collectively following todays announcement of the driver shuffle at PCM, no one is more shocked tonight than Ryan Dalziel as he faces this turn of events and the sudden end of his season.

Always a gentleman and wise beyond his years, Ryan refrained from making any official statements with regards to his situation when I spoke with him this evening, preferring not to “say anything dumb” while the emotions and shock are still so fresh, saying only that “things happen for a reason, and so I will move on”.
Pure class all the way.
His biggest disappointment? The abruptness of it all. I think we can all empathize with that.

Ryan did ask me to pass along his sincere appreciation for all of the supportive comments he received over the course of the day following the press release. By his description, it’s been “huge”.

On behalf of my colleagues and our readers around the world, congratulations Ryan on your rookie season with Champ Car and PCM. Your humor and determination kept us entertained at each event. We will all be pulling for you to land on your feet and continue your journey in 2008.

It was deemed too biased and that it put Mario in a bad light. (my other article was edited too) Um… no. I actually held back. (as y’all know from my previous posts)

Apparently I’m turning into the Robin Miller of… LOL!

I think I’ll just stay here in my blog for a while where I can express myself without political correctness.


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