what colour are the skies…

in their world??

I do have to laugh when every negative article about the IRL is seen as the absolute truth, but every negative article about Champ Car is proclaimed and dismissed as agenda based and poppycock!

Taking great joy in the demise of a competitors event while spinning wildly over the demise of one of our own is pathetic and misguided. Makes the fans look as weak as the series they are supporting.

Pointing their fickle fingers at dwindling attendance, departing drivers, lack of growth of sponsors, teams and events… stating it’s the “end of the IRL” from the safety of their black kettle is nothing if laughable.

WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!  We are ALL losing. AOW is a joke right now! (at least the upper echelon.) Cheering on the destruction of “one side” is cannibalistic! One side fails, the other side feels the after effects. Does nobody else see this??

Let’s start by being honest! We are all suffering. People are so busy choosing sides and admonishing those that refuse to drink the koolaid that they don’t realize they may not have a game to play once the teams have been chosen and the lines drawn in the sand.

Yes, perhaps Tony George is “ground zero” for the demise of AOW. But the longer we continue to live in the past and point fingers across the playing field, the more we perpetuate the actual split. The more we contribute to the demise of the very thing we are supposedly fighting so hard to save.

Both sides are on life support. Eventually someone else is going to need the beds. Who will be brave enough to make the call? Transplant or pull the plug?

Turning off the computer for the day. I have a fucking month until the next race, so it’s not like I need to be on call anytime soon, unless of course another team takes it upon themselves to alienate the fanbase and another long time driver and toss them aside for the next flavour of the week.


5 responses to “what colour are the skies…

  1. You are stating the obvious sweetie (no that it didn’t need to be said). Unfortunately, it’s a shame that so many refuse to see it…

    But we don’t have any proof of that, you see…

  2. oops, i meant ‘not’ instead of ‘no’…

  3. (figured the out the not vs no thing hehe…)

    ah, yes… the ever elusive burden of proof. If only the absolute truth seekers held themselves to the same ridiculous standards they hold those of us on the other side of the argument to.

  4. well then they wouldn’t have anything to say… and that would be just too awesome!!!!

  5. Absolutely. Same tide, same ship.

    Small minds sink together.

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